Monday, November 4, 2013

life, a drama, a dream

either it can be a happy one or sad or a total shock

we often encounter surprises in our life, in many forms
a calm, or shocking news
a happy or bad news
a spontaneous, sudden
either we knew it or not
.....its just, life is full of surprises
embrace it

if u got a happy surprise, enjoy it and be thankful for it brings happiness
if u got a sad surprise, take it, and be thankful for it gives u a reason to keep moving forward

live life like a drama. believe every situation in the drama, for in case, it might happened to you, and uve ready for it.
live life like it was your dream, o want it to happened, to experience, for you might appreciate every details on it.

have a good break
salam maal hijrah
blessed day ahead peeps :)

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