Friday, December 20, 2013

end of fifth sem. unofficially

today marks the end of my fifth sem. but, unofficially. today marks the beginning of study week. before having finals. all i can do now is work and pray if i really want to grab that shining stars. this semester pass by so fast. i feel old. i feel great. i feel everything. this sem taught me how to handle life. as for sure, we are getting busy as sems pass by. i really miss the time when i can get the thing that i really worked hard for. so, if i want to feel that feeling again, i must double up, triple up my effort. failure teach us on how to become strong, teach us the method how to pass. not teaching us to double up effort without really thinking of the strategy. my family sacrifice a lot for me this yr, and i dont wanna waste the things they have invested on me just like that. making new resolutions makes boosted up my spirit to be better next yr. intention is the most important thing in making things right and successful. i do believe all this thing i get because i work for it and because i asked from Him. May Allah bless this journey :)

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