Sunday, October 20, 2013

little time, much things learned

i wonder everyday when will i be able to write here as i always complain abt how little time i had everyday. i had to asked for help from the caffein to make me stay awake, so that i can have longer time to do many unfinished business. but this assumption of 'little time' i made had taught me many things abt thigs that i never knew.

so, whaddup the 6th week out of 14 weeks, fifth sem out of 10 sems, 3rd yr out of 5 yrs as a vet student?


just too indescribable. i need time to describe it.

ok, dogathon, done. that summarize my activity this sem

catch neuter release program done. thanks to seniors for guiding us, and let us experience in working with cats

then,........test every week, supplemented with assignments and quiz

my aim this sem, no shopping, more eating, do savings!

have a good day peeps!

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