Friday, January 4, 2013

we board with different airlines

everybody has that one purpose in life. to achieve something. we want to go to the same destination. but how to get on to the destination is different for everyone.

every thing that we do might be right or wrong. ppl may accept it in a good way or bad way. its kind of ethics thingy. very subjective. because ppl pervceive things differently.

im a type of person who like to do things without thinking. i like to make stupid jokes over something. but i dont know how ppl accept it. they may find it funny or annoying or even can get their nerves on. but after that i do regret if i made any uneasy feeling to others. but in other way, they shd understand it. they shdnt be too sensitive. because ppl do make mistakes. and sometime they dont realize it. understanding is necessary. then remind each other.

its weird when ppl do not realize. its weird when ppl take things seriously without thinking the positive way to make things right. its weird when ppl dont like to forgive. its weird when ppl start to put priority on their feelings rather than rational thinking. may they find the right way. insyaAllah :)

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