Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year.

may 2013 bring lots of joy and tears.

i have a great 2012. i have been thru so many things. i learn how to become one. the one that we should be. but, the joy of this temporary world always bring me astray. i always pray to Allah. i always asked for Him to guide me. He guided me thru many ways. im the one who blind. i always try to be the one. i always try, but i am not that strong to stand. i always stop in the middle of the way.

this is the end of the year. this is the end of the chapter. the next chapter? i only pray that i can be a better Muslim. that i can always remind myself to always go for improvement. anything can happen in a blink of eye.

i always pray that i can be the best vet in the future. insyaAllah. i can. we can. a wildlife vet. i can.

work harder. work and pray. a good combination for a perfect excellence.

other resolutions? lets just go with the flow. my only resolution to improve myself as a Muslim and serve to Him.

common repeated resolutions? dont waste money, do good, read, pray, istiqamah :)

happy new year everyone!

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