Tuesday, December 25, 2012

happy studying

its not too late to wish happy studying to all my friends. lets strive for the excellence. walaupun..... tension tgk nota tinggi menggunung kan. mau baca 2 3 kali pn mcm x sempat. i dont know what else to do rite now. i have to be a caffeine addict. i have to really focus on my reading. may Allah ease everything. :) janganlah kita menyakitkan hati org di saat2 mcm ni. walaupun sekecil kuman, sekecil dna, sekecil gene sekalipun. so, my sincere apology goes to everyone. i am really sorry for everything. pray for my success. i am so gonna rock all the 8 crucial papers! insya-Allah :D study utk ilmu, bukan utk pointer. yes. i am going for it. lets go study study study till we see the sun!

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