Saturday, January 12, 2013

goodbye memories

its the end of my 3rd sem as a 2nd year veterinary student. so whats so cool bout that?

it started out with getting good results for sem 2. then here comes all the juniors. some are so kind some are rude. i hope by now they know the meaning of respect. then, the kick off started as early as the first day, as the lecturer givin out all the course synopsis and the tense started when they mentioned about assignments and all stuffs.

the real thing started when we have to go for merits, at the same time to finish all works for events, and at the same time u hv to catch up with studies. thats what we called as students life!

we go for so may dissections this sem. dog, dog dog all over again. we go for so many assignments, so many reports, soooo mannnyyyyyyyy!

now we ended up being the very happy students after goin thru all the tough papers for finals. May Allah grant us success, and keep all that knowledge with us until the end. insyaAllah :D

i also love my 3rd sem as many memories and experiences ive gained taught me more about life. i love u all people. see u guys next semester. now lets have fun for vetcamp (bully all the juniors, hehehe) hv fun for practicals! yeap, i cant wait to go port dickson and keningau :D

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