Friday, January 18, 2013

vetcamp 2013

vetcamp ended successfully! a simple yet very meaningful line to all of us especially the dvm2, the organizers or i can say the backbone to this awesome vetcamp 2013.

the kick off started as early as 13 january to the food division and programmers. but the actual date is on 14 january to 16 january. it was held at kela adventure camp, raub pahang. i thought it was a lame place, but it was reallllyyyyy awesooome!!!! seriously awesome.

so, i acted as facilitator this time, together with fawa lawa. and we got the second group, tweety! oh yeah, btw, our theme is looney tunes, with theme song, stronger by kelly clarkson.

along these 3 days, i am different from who i really am. i mean, there are times, i acted like its not me. first, when i have to sing the theme song to the juniors, my group. its a bit awkward, then its a lil bit shameful, but i have to, because i have to teach them how to sing it. then, dancing the the theme song in front of all the juniors. never in my life i did that to my batch. only in front of housemate. and i'll never do it again. nope. just nope. never. also, scolded my juniors during torture night. its a night when, we woke them up at 3, ask them to practice faculty song, dance n sing the theme song perfectly. it runs for 2 hours. they lost their voice, moody face, got tired. i think they did cursed me when i scolded them. but, deep down in me i felt sorry for them, because i never scold them before and suddenly i changed into not very monstrous faci la. then, i apologized to them. hey, i did that for their own good. if not, they'll never be able to get back to the tent.

the best part is when the bonding between us the dvm 2 become stronger. i had fun with my batch. they're absolutely awesome, fun, cool, and crazy. i managed to talk with others that i never really spoken with before, i felt closer to them. the sad part is on the last day while waiting for the bus to come. when kak atom, played the guitar and we sang together. especially the last song, count on me. i cant imagine the very last day as a vet student. it must be a really sad moment.

also, this is the only camp, i got enough sleep, enough food. the food is much more better than eating cafe college food u know. seriously best! to a picky eater like me, i can rate the food as 5-stars food. its not like a camp food. its really a food that u r craving for!. and i dont sleep in tent, i slept in a hut, its comfortable, wrapped urself with sleeping bag, and u feel like u dont wanna wake up at all!

lastly, thanks to my juniors for making my second and last vetcamp a memorable one by being a champion. 2 times vetcamp, 2 times winning the title, and 2 times eating unwanted ingredients,erhhhh .... i am proud with the team. ouh i miss my group ratatta. and yeah, i dont know what else to write, let the pictures do the job. thanks to zharif for the photos.

osom game. station epul. dan kalah. hebat sgt programmers yg jaga station ni.

i like this photo. sangat ceria

dvm 2. us, doing the cheers as requested by the dvm 1. its fun!

night walk. me n fawa doing our job guide and disturb them. its kinda scary, walking in the dark through rubber and oil palm plantation. but its fun sbb dpt kacau junior yg tgh di-blindfold-kan. bnyk bnda blh buat. hahaha

last day. all of the dvm 1 and 2.

last day. main air. the worst part bila junior dtg serang and kepung, pastu siram air. dorang berani buat sbb senior sikit sgt kot masa ni. there's one time, bila hampir lemas gara2 pegi part dalam then arus deras. sdhlah x pndai swim. thank god ada org dkt situ. cuak gila tmbh2 plak slipar tercabut. 

my beloved group tweety awesome. drg smua tgh basah, aku ja kering sbb save baju.

best friends :)

them who cooked very well. food division yg sgt awesome. warung pak jabit!

working hard to play the last game "ready to get wet" 

culture night. where i fell asleep on the chair tnpa mengira pose. x kisah gaya tidur mcm mna yg pntg tdur. tp trbgun gara2 smua junior pndg blkg wktu aina pick no utk decide which grp next. malu bakhang!

night walk. kesian budak2 ni x tau siapa yg kacau drg. hihihi

the co-director! michelle together with hanafi! congrats for an awesome vetcamp! 

them who got splashed by water by the mastermind, chong, thivya and yongbin!

i forgot this slot, glamorous model, famous model?? eh x tau la. tp they must used the unused items around the campsite.

the sexy faci team! with aina as the head 

kela adv camp! cool place to camp

some of the crazy dvm 2. we're not nerds, we're just the crazy future vets and we're gonna rock the world!

team warung pak jabit. sedap sgt air tgn dorang nih

assistan co-director. together with shen rong. qiela!

head of programmers, epull together with naim! thank you for an awesome programme!

culture night. dua dari kiri akak2 first aid. hihihi

aziz. mastermind food division. together with pina. at the end, he was sick sbb working too hard to cook a very delicious food for us. he has done a very good job. 

we are the champion! i am proud of my juniors!

the technical head yg also jatuh sakit. pity him. tp muka maintain ceria

dua budak sengal yg slalu dduk dkt sungai. kerohanian and technical team.

akak programmer. kak sikin.

programmer. shin yi.

the juniors

the guitarist yg jd guitarist bila xda krja. :D

so, i think thats all i can write. its just too many beautiful moment that i would like to share but i dont know how to express them in terms of words. at the end, the objective of vetcamp were met and all of us are happy up till now. overwhelmed with so may post wishing and congratulate vetcamp 2013. alhamdulillah. i love u guys!

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  1. bestnya korang sebab ada camp :)