Sunday, December 9, 2012


words are to be spoken or written not hidden. words are to be expressed through professionalism not emotion. words are to be delivered anytime not only on specific time. words are powerful, more thorny, more effective and more influential.

i fell in love with words rather than appearance, because it reflects on how u really are and shows how far is ur knowledge. i love reading and writing because i love playing with words. i might be a chatterbox, speaking nonsense, non educational stuffs, but half side of me is in otherwise. ouh i just love this philosophy and psychology thing but i never get the chance to become one. but Allah had planned something way better than what ive thought. hey im a vet to be right now. no turning back, no regrets. because this is the best that i couldve thought of. see, how am i takin out positive words here because i knew that words playing an important role in changing people either to the good or bad side. depends. from words, there comes action.

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