Wednesday, November 28, 2012

u dont need reasons to change

i was thinking, how can a person change. i mean, what makes them to change?

i am currently, load with assignments and test. but when some thoughts came into my mind, i really want to write abt it. looks like im not in the mood to write on my diary, so i decided to put it on my blog.

i am smiling everytime i see people changed to a brand new good looking, kind hearted one. i was so touched with their transformation. i wonder what is playing there deep inside their heart. is the appearance comes with the good heart. wallahualam. but i know that it really comes deep down from their heart. face tells it all. people are created with a good heart, but it depends on them how they live and how they drive their heart to the right road. i respect them so much. and i keep asking myself, when is my turn to really change? i mean not just physically. but also, the way i speak, the way i post, the way i tweet, the way im thinking, what i listen and what i watch. they're all matters. ppl said, do it slowly. but death doesnt wait. time is ticking people. we dont need reasons because thats what Allah has command to us since our ancestors were born. sadly, the world are so 'beautiful' to certain of us until we forgot abt the beauty of the hereafter. :(

p/s: seeking for someone who can spend time with me at least once a week to always remind me abt Allah.

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