Thursday, November 1, 2012

lets just unite

we always quarrel even over small matters. we always felt right about certain things. we always express all our emotion regardless others feeling. we always talk straight without thinking. all of these kind of situation happens when we tend to lose control on ourselves. we lose our sanity. we just want things to be right immediately. this is not an offensive kind of writing nor to exposed others weakness. its just thoughts that ive been thinking recently because i have faced much of these things since like years ago. i feel like bringing it up because i am so rajin to type because i dont have mood to belajar, plus i am free from assignments plus i am just so excited about dogathon. my deco thingy finished n just need to put final touch on it. back to these emo kind of things. i thing, lets do some meja bulat thing, sit and discuss among ourselves because we do need some reflection, opinion and ideas from all sides. then, be considerate. we might think we were right but think bout others too. i always feel the same. i feel like im right but on the other sides, there's some detrimental effects of it. peoples are very good at debating until they forgot the concept of debating. we express ideas, at the same time give others chance for POI. dont be too selfish. on thhe other hand, lets just unite and be together regardless any of clashing, contrary ideas. lets just vote for peace please. because im happy if all of us are happy :D

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