Tuesday, October 23, 2012

life is full of suprises

whether it can be bad or good news, life is full of suprises

if good, then u are lucky. u must be very happy for it. u must be smiling all the time. how bout when it becomes bad? i love suprises but sometimes it might take us down, i mean we must be very sad and stress about it. many things bring me down recently, i have to motivate myself every seconds. i tried to be happy, forget all the misery. but, new things come as we go throughout our life. we must be ready for it and we must be strong enough to face it. tonight, i knew that im not that strong. i may be look happy outside as i try to neutralize everything back to normal. i am so sensitive for ive been thru so much sad things recently. im just not that strong. i dont know what else i could do. i feel so guilty when i try to voice out what i felt. but thats the truth. how can i hide the truth when the truth makes my life ho out of nowhere. why cant some ppl understand me. im not being selfish here but ive had enough of being silent, can u pls let me talk just for a while. i know im not a kind of person that shd be listened to, but hey i hv feelings. im a human. so, sorry for those that being offended by my statement. i think im not that mature to solve things in adult way :(

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