Tuesday, October 16, 2012

its been a while

1.20 am wednesday. class at 8 am. but here i am still awake with eyes half-opened doing deco. working with all the pva glue, cardboard, measuring tape, tissues, etc....

 in all of sudden log into blogspot. i dont know why. seems like midnight is the best time for me to write like when i used to write on my diary. i will always go for silent and cold windy night by the time i wanna write on my diary. that is one of the reason why i stop blogging for a while, i prefer to write. life's been hectic until it affects my daily routine. i cant always follow my schedule. well, that explains why ive got all stuffs messed up around me. i eat when i want, i work when i have to, i study when i need to. thats all. i have my rest only after 12. i have time for my self only during bedtime. new things come and go. always improved myself each and every minute. trying to get rid of all the things that distracts me. chasing away all the moody, unhappiness. life's been complicated much as time passes by. pray and learn :)

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