Friday, May 18, 2012

switching mode

heyp. life's been much complicated recently. i need to get everything done by this week, with hope, next week i wont be rushing here n there again. so, just a few things left to accomplish. things like lab report and projek mega for klinik sofbol. thats all. from today onwards, i'll switch my mode to exam mode, which will be less than a month. after getting my test 2 results, the feelings all mixed up. certain subjects ok, others worse. the assignments and lab report marks are not that satisfying. and im not satisfied and im so stressed up. whatever it is, its not too late to work things out aite? im going all out for finals! may allah give me strength and answer my prayers.

just a randomly clicked photo. :P 


visit to maskargo animal hotel. the great feeling when u can go anywhere as long as its out from upm. hahahaha.

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