Monday, May 14, 2012

hey, where's teamwork?

dear respected person. this one dedicated just for u. im not insulting u in a written form. its not that im coward or afraid to confront u. its just i dont want things to get more worst. dear you. i just dont know how can i express this repeated emotions, feelings that uve made me feel so. i guess im only good in writing not speaking. well, good for u so that u dont have to argue with me. and good for me as i can prevent myself from throwing u any spells, curses. see, how much i care abt our friendship altho, i dont know u that much, but i still respect u as the one who gives us instructions to do this n that. im only ur 'slaves' btw. i know i have to do that. i know it. im trying very hard to get it done right on time. but, blaming me without advising and teaching me the proper way to do it is so not right. its hurt. im a beginner. u should teach me instead of keep raising ur voice on me. u never really raise ur voice bt, ur sms says so. keep on blaming. ur the worst person ive ever met. one of them. pls stop blaming ppl. pls.pls i know its not ur job to do that thing, but its a teamwork man. u always mention bout that but never really understand that word. i hate it. i just hate it. wish u realize. i really wish. i hate when u put the blame on me. again, i hate it. its like im the one who makes thing not right at all. :(

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