Tuesday, May 8, 2012

lifeless life of a student

midnite movie. ngehehe. watched the avengers and fell in love with captain america. sadly when u found out ur coursemates are there to watch it too. kantooiiiii. double sadness, fell asleep and seriously, i dont think the avengers is awesome. because im not into superhero type of movie. 

after a long time. finally goin back to ldg. altho u just have to stand and listen. the smell of goats n sheeps. normal habit for a vets. but, im not doing any physical contact with the animals, as we have to attend physio 1 hr lecture after that. so, i really try to get myself away from the shits n all that.

picnic with housemates. a plan since yr ago. finally done today. thanks for the delicious foods guys. 
p/s: fiqah's instax

will take good care of u ricky and alex :D

the best anatomy lecturer ever. giving out the test questions during revision class so that we can score full marks for his course. a very cool person on earth. :D

"i dont like exams"
"i dont believe in assignments"
"holiday is a holiday"

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