Friday, May 4, 2012

all in one

 been too stress for these 3 weeks. or can i say its been long for a month? but that doesnt stop me from enjoying every minutes of my life. friends, softball, guppy, hamsters. i can say, im very grateful to have them around me as part of family. at least there's something that can replace the missing piece in my heart which is my family at sabah. 

newborn pups! have to take 'emergency leave' to mines right after they was born. 2 died and 3 survived. 

having one hour of stressful condition in the making of my first batik. 

went to bookfair at pwtc and spent almost rm100 for these!

and ive done with test 2. a month before final exam. i keep on forcing myself to learn and experience :)

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