Saturday, April 28, 2012

that only one word

pak pak bom bom. signifies the one and only word that have been the main subject on everyone's mind right now. MARRIAGE. 
im 20. and i think that's still consider so young. but since entering this 20 so-called age, everyone started to posts or talk or singing smthg related to MARRIAGE. just because of the number 2
i think its still early, we just abt to start our degree life. let us focus on study first.
MARRIAGE. a very subjective things. we dont know when it will happen, we cant really predict the marriage. who knows we're abt to experience this MARRIAGE thing, next yr, next week or even tomorrow.
it can be good or even bad. depends on us how we manage things. its better if we alrdy hv someone. to make everything that we do is in 'legal' way. but, if u dont have anyone. hold on first. be patient. the time will come. just do what in front of u. strive for ur study.
i know that all my friends, including myself worried abt this marriage things. worried abt the future. but Allah has planned everything for us. which was way better.
MARRIAGE is one of many wonders in the world. and everyone wants it. pray to get the best out of it friends, and make the best decision that u think whats good for u and others.

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