Monday, April 23, 2012

the road gets tougher as u get further

i believe that everyone has the same problem as we get older. we face more n more problems. we need more and more strength to get thru it. but, every problems that came has it own solution. depend on us how to solve it. but i admit. im a weak person. i dont where should i gain that strength. sometimes, i keep on comparing myself with the others. why cant i be like them. oh well, it seems like i have to discover myself first. sometimes we complain, ppl condemn. people just dont understand how we feel. the empathy is not there. they simply condemn us back when they actually not in our shoes. life is getting sad when people seems to misunderstood our words. and its getting more complicated when we miss certain important words. i must focus on my test 2. good luck to myself.

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