Monday, April 16, 2012

happy assignments, happy test 2

sem reopen with full of laughter and joy. rasa indah sgt dunia. came late to class on first day with sleepy face. blame the UNO for being so addictive. i think i need to stop daydreaming because the assignments have to be done asap. and test 2 will start from next week onwards. nice. perfect combination. and i involve in 2 more events. nice nice nice. my test 1 went well. not very well but i can say ok la. at least i manage to get A's. but i need to double up my work for test 2. so, ive been thinking of my phobia towards this student portal. im afraid to open up esmp upm tp check my results. from asasi till now. i dont know why. but. last sem, i didnt open up and i only knew my results from my PA. weird =.=

p/s: lets get every bit of work done!

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