Saturday, May 26, 2012

i'll never understand you

heyaaa. i just wanna say that i dont understand y ppl keep on acting, antagonistic, or whatever u called it in front of people. i must say, i just cant stand the way u direct, writing script and act on your own movie. semua kau mau kongker. bukan x puas hati, cuma mmg x puas hati. apa2 lah. its over anyways. but, i feel like screaming to the whole world what you have done. ok mood x puas hati mmg masih menebal. xpa2, u better keep ur distance from me or else i'll kill u. hahahahaa xD

p/s: projek mega, done. lab reports, done. assignments, done. done done done. i dont care if i'll b having that 'vacation' before study week or not. as long as, i cant wait to end my first year! hahahaa.

i'll be missing you dear softball. yes only you softball :') no more gloves, no more ball, no more practises during saturday. no more bruises.... :(((((((

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