Saturday, March 31, 2012

my very first majlis silaturahim :)

majlis silaturahim, an annual event for veterinary faculty, organized by dvm 3, third yr students. this yr's theme is myth, immortal, legend and folklore, so everyone's dressing up and looked really fabulous on that day. every dvm must do a performance, actlly its a competition la, to compete for piala ali rajion, (my physio lecturer). performance related to folklore. so, all the performances including first yr of vet from UMK, was really awesome. i mean it, seriously awesome! u can see snow white, puteri gunung ledang, hermione, vampires, hang tuah and many more. we are the first to perform, and im one of the 7 dwarfs. its a great moment working with the team. and we got the 2nd place. its a bit of controversy the moment when they announce the winner. all the dvms, supported us to b the winner, which we are very confident we can win, because we really have done our best, unfortunately, it belongs to other dvm. all of us felt dissapointed and i almost cried. actlly i already cried but i try to hide it. the other dvm said we should be the first. our anatomy lcturer, he thought we the one that won too. same goes to our physio lecturer who own the cup. fyi, we fight for it because we want 2 free marks from our physio lecturer. and, yes, he did gave us that 2 marks altho we won the 2nd place. he said, 1 for the dissapoinment and 1 for our hardwork. yes, we lost and didnt manage to bring home the cup but we already won all the dvms heart. supportive seniors and lecturers :) altho there's a bit controversy, its just a competition anyway, the important part is the bond among us. thank u to the director, scriptwriter, props, technical and make up crew for making it happen. also, all the actors and actresses for great 20 minutes infront of the vets community, we r the champion anyway. hehehe

our very own edward cullen on the centre

housemate take 1 (just ignore my thick eyebrows)

housemate take 2

envy their clothes, so cute.

with the gorgeous Aladdin, witch, pirate and hermione

the backbone of dvm 1 great and superb performance 

p/s: i was a bit mesmerized when i saw vampires during that day, u know how much i love vampires. macam jumpa vampire betul. #obsession. malangnya, x dpt take pictures with them :(

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