Thursday, March 22, 2012

just to fill the empty spaces

heyp! just sitting and waiting for the night to come. ive done with anatomy, SAK and physiology test 1. tomorrow got vet nutrition and next week kenegaraan. quite an easy test. i felt hard because i didnt read some part. ive been workaholic recently, i try to sleep less work more, i just wish i really am working. after having self-conflicts with myself by quitting and letting go my work as props crew for festik unofficially, more n more jobs come. i never really quit before, but to choose between test 1 and festik, i will absolutely go for test 1 la kan. because i realize that i need to score for this sem. the money, the scholar that ive been used can be termed as 'duit rakyat' so secara tidak langsung i am 'amanah rakyat'. so, if im lazy or didnt work hard dont u feel that ive dissapointed all pll in malaysia including your parents yg pay for the taxes?? ok it sounded so scary rite now.
ive been missing the old days again, its been such a long time i didnt meet my friends. same uni but seldom or to be precise, never to meet. oh yeah, the pic above taken during vetsports 2012, ive got sunburnt. but every saturday surely got sunburn one. playing softball for koko. next week got majlis silaturahim and the theme is folklore, i got nothing to wear yet. hukhuk. for this yr dogatho, im joining the deco team. im so fail in drawing and designing. never mind, i'll try to polish my hidden talent konon hehe. salam :)

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