Saturday, February 18, 2012

you have to get through it no matter what

i am about to edit my practical report, but then, ideas popping out from my mind like a heavy rain. tomorrow is the last day to be free from books. its been a week im resting from any kinds of reading materials, which i knew it wasnt good at all. because later i'll have some problem in reading. there will be some sort of headache, slow reading and all that. ayat bajet bookworm sgt la kan. but seriously, im in a relationship, i mean a serious relationship with novels right now. i just cant wait to go back college just to give hugs and kisses to my dearest sayangsssss which to be precise, my novels. hehehe. these one week only have been spent to read all the jokes and silly things from 9Gag and Sabahan troll. sometimes i just need to get away from all the serious, thriller, love and horror and academic stuffs and get myself stick to humour stuffs kan. talking bout books kan, seriously i cant go to Popular and MPH again. i feel like buying so many novels. i kept on reminding myself "sabar dulu kau, nnt kau borong bnyk2 di bigbadwolf sana".

lemme tell u abt my oohseeemm holiday. 5 weeks of holiday and this is what ive done. i missed my flights which was not my fault anyway as we dont know any rules or regulations regarding periods for check-in during festive season. they didnt notice us. thank god im flying with mas. i can get my flight back with just a cheap price. and fyi, my ticket is actlly free. then, everything happens for a reason. im having 4 days vacation to langkawi. fell in love with the beauty inside the island. then, going back sabah for only about 12 days. short period but at least im going back home to see my beloved family. ppl said thing such as "alah, bt apa balik, skjp ja" man, u really dont know the meaning of bersyukur ka? as long as we go home, no matter how many days, its a free ticket btw (have to pay a bit la), just go home, dont u ever thin twice. lagipun sdh lama tida balik. kwn2 lain slalu balik. jelly i. drg yg balik pn slalu ckp homesick. aku yg x balik berbulan2 ni? ok ter-emo. during my days at sandakan, im working la like usual. working like a boss. helping my father with his business and goyang2 kaki d rumah tgk tv. it was heaven when u can eat seafood along your days there. how i miss sabah now :( the seafood paradise.. hehehe. after that, went back to selangor to do my very first practical with all the dogs and cats. its very tiring week. after a week, here im staying with my sisters. and, im working again. i think im used to working la. i know how hardwork pays us very well. and yeah, im getting paid. one week salary. get hundred bucks. im helping my sister with all the work that i can help, babysitting my beloved nephew. im gonna miss him so muccchhhh. ive learnt many things like ultraman, barney songs, alif ba ta. sing them along with aniq my nephew :')

and throughout this holidays, ive went to lots of shopping mall until im sick of it. name it. wangsawalk, ampang mall, klcc, aeon, 1utama, the curve, sunway, times square, sg wang, pavillion. urghhhh.. but im not that rich to spend and shop la. just to wander and observe ppl. yeap. wasting time. also been eating many kinds of fastfood. kenny, nandos, mcd, kfc, pizza, a&w.. bla bla... not kaya, but ada duit lebih sikit la.. smtimes u cannot tolak if ppl want to belanja kan. smpai bosan mkn semua bnda ni. hahaha. oh yeah, went to buy printer. alhamdulillah. another tick in my wishlist. this is what i want after ive got my scholar. i know it sounds 'nahhhhh small thing' but i was born in a 'middle class family' and it has taught me a lot about survival. i never asked anything from my parents unless i really need it. ppl may buy something like new cam, phone and watsover to give something that can satisfy them. but for me im more to kedekut and pandang ke hadapan punya orang. a bit kuno maybe. hehe. tp im very pemurah klu mau beli makanan, yg mahal2 pn sggup beli asl my perut very the kenyang one. tp i have to do savings because i will need a lot of money on my way to become a vet. no doubt abt that. lagipun, i have an extra wish on my list. i really hope it will come true. selain printer, actlly i wanna buy pair of shoes. the only remaining thing that can make me smile. a sneakers that can help me walk to classes everyday. really, desperately need one. of course mau yg branded sbb blh than lama. but my dream shoes yg branded tu way too expensive. kena down skit grade klu mcm ni. huhu. never mind.

ok, i think this post way too long. mcm menghampiri kepanjangan buat report. ok. what i hope for the second sem, i wish i can always improve myself to become a better one. not better but BEST. no matter whether as a friend, daughter, sister, auntie, or even a muslimah :) insya-Allah.

p/s:  all the best. i will keep on praying. :)

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