Monday, February 13, 2012

quick thoughts

i was back from reality after reading 3 malay novels in a week. end of practical. no more scooping poop, hugging canines, smelling shits.  but, to be frank i miss that animal shelter. the persians, shepherds all of em. animals, the most loyal companion of all. i remember how a dog we named as nicky or to be precise a bitch, followed us wherever we go despite of the angers and unstoppable barkings of the other dogs when trespassing their area. nicky the bitch, we do miss her loads. i also miss the persian cats. hairy, big and cute faces. i remember when my friend told me that few cats been injected to make them 'sleep'. i was so surprised after i found out the 2 cats i recognize the most are chosen. YB and gemuk. i do feel sad. very sad. practical gave me lots of experiences. priceless experience. no matter cats or even dogs, they are ANIMALS!

now, i have a week before the second sem. im doing part time office girl and babysitter. quite fun. better than have nothing to do rite. back to the malay novels, actlly i start to read hlovate's. and they were awesome. seriously, makes me think a lot about life.thanks hlovate for inspiring stories. it was kinda motivates me la.. why bother so much abt being single. u are never alone. u always have god family and friends. it does not make much difference. another thing to be told, im always a kind person. im not a singa type of girl, pls do not be afraid to talk or chat with me, i never looked back at the past, because i know ppl somehow change. they're always have space to change. im a looking forward person. to judge ppl by their past is so not fair. because i believe if in present they never change, the person around him or her can make a difference to encourage him or her to be better in the future. sememamngnya menaip d tgh mlm buta makes u write crappy things la kan. anyway, im on my way to make a budget so that i didnt waste my scholar money begitu sahaja. no new phones please. setan2 yg kuat mempengaruhi, sila jauhkan diri.

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