Monday, February 20, 2012

i am the one who stuck in between

heyp! good day everyone. i managed to go thru my very first day of the second sem with mixed emotions. i have 3 class for today and woke up late. well, not that late but  late until i cant have my breakfast. my first class. ANATOMY. ouh. study of structure. must be good in drawing, memorizing. well, im not very good at both but to sedapkan hati, yes, i can do it! one hour lecture. have to run and rush to the far far away econ fac. bus available every half an hour. no gap at all. yes, we arrived to english class one hour late!. im smiling and keep smiling to sedapkan hati. altho have been cursing this and that again n again. next class at 2. KENEGARAAN. not very far, but u can semput enough to get there by WALKING UNDER THE SUN. before that, had my lunch and there were some small book fair. pls dont held any bookfair for now. very the menggoda laa. altho u said that baucar boleh diterima tp. im very wise in spending my voucher u know. so, yeah im having diarrhea now. its suffers me a lot. what i need is just toilet toilet and toilet. today is my semput day. sakit perut day and lastly pening kepala day. text almost all my friends to get 2ndhand books. very jimat me. and dinner prepared by housemate because i was having a nice sleep after been thru a ver complicated monday. get ready for the next next next problem. taraaa~

p/s: didnt check resluts yet. im gonna b dead for tomorrow as i'll get the slip :o

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