Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the heat is on as the fire starts burning

heyyaa. good day everyone. i was having 3 awesome days for now. why so awesome? out from my room early morning and later come back on the evening. but not only staying at the vet fac. i have to in and out from the bus from college, vet fac and main camp. its been 3 days and i dont have my evening at all. and now i felt a bit relief as i already paid my fees. alhamdulillah. after the DEMERIT incident. i was sooo dedicated to give my contribution in terms of energy and time to this lovely college. ive decided to be part of the crew for FESTIK. festival teater interkolej. but, it'll have like 3 theaters to work on. in few weeks time, less than a month. and i also have much more activities for the vet course. its just the first week for this sem and i start to get very busy. later will have FESKO. festival koir interkolej. kan sdh ckp aku mmg suka mmberi sumbangan kpda kolej ini. whatever it is, im living my youthful life to the fullest by doing great things.

well, this thing la yg makes me very bengang. but its my fault la for not going. but, its test time man. what can be the resonable reason other than that? hahaha. my bad.

so, last nite we were having birthday surprises for the oldest lady in the house. my own roomate. azimah amin. the pretttaayyy laddyyy with pan asian look. hehe. so we some sort of, painted her face with mixture of coffee, curry, powder and etc. i also dont know. then, we're having some girls talk. eating cakes and played truth and eat games. spin the bottle, the pointed person have to eat the cake and answer the very controversial question. im one of the person yg mmg the wanted. so little question given yet it was soooo a killer question la.

the birthday cake.

and finally my pocketrocket shirt has arrived and its really nice. proud to have one actlly since azizul awang is my idol in sports arena other than nicol and safee. yes, im a sport die hard fan. no doubt abt it. thanks for him and his wife!

p/s: ive confessed 


  1. Eh?tahun satu?kau di mna juga ni nab?bkn kau skali dengan sarah ka?

  2. tahun 1 sem 2. aku d upm la sma2 c sarah