Sunday, February 26, 2012

2nd week here i come

after busy schedule during my first week of 2nd sem, i guess i'll be continuously living in a hectic life. whatever. currently, im sitting at the lab comp and using the internet wisely. my YES broadband run out of credit. x topup lagi. so, yeah. the disappointment, frust moment u get really hurts u badly. but im keeping myself busy rite now. so, this morning woke up early as im having my sahur. i just dont want to get back to sleep so, i read schubert's serenade by hlovate. ouh, it burst me into tears. pagi2 sdh emo. yesterday i went to mph alamanda to finish off my voucher bb1m. bought something that i hope can guide me to the right pathway. insya-allah. im looking forward for a real weekend after this but i knew that they wont be any real weekend in my life after this. so a short post to fill up the some empty spaces here. i guess i'll be off from this blog for awhile. i need to write something on my diary instead. taraa~

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