Wednesday, February 29, 2012

be responsible for any responsibility

one more quick post. i have no time to log on my fb twitter and blog. luckily i have this 2 hours lunch break before class start on 2. just wanna announce that i have new babies. thanks to epull, fahmi and napi and nad for the 2 cute lil hamsters. i mean, i volunteered to take care of them when epull said they r looking for anyone that want them. so, why not i give it a try. asyik berani jaga ikan ja. try hamster plak. so, me n fiqah share for this. both r still pups. its a pair. mine is stefan, the male and the female is melur. which fiqah also called her lulu. thats cute. we will take good care of them and yeah looking forward to adopt bigger animals after this. hahaha. dont worry bella swan my guppy fish, i'll never abandoned u la. hehe

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