Saturday, January 28, 2012

surprising holidays

whaddup peeps. i am now typing like orang buta. the lights off. depend solely on my instinct and blurry eyes. i have a very bad night vision. so, the boredom kills me, and triggers me to open my laptop, log on to blogsppot and type smthg. the fireworks wont stop until the end of CNY. so meriah here. every nite pn got that bunga api.

ok well, like the title says, 'surprising holidays'. what is so surprising actlly? bajet surprise sgtla. xda surprise mna pun =.=. after exam, started my holidays, went to the vetcamp. a compulsory event for every vet students. i dont like camping. i really dont like it. but, the camp was awesome. no doubt, the tent was worst. i mean. ours. 7 ppl inside a small tent. tent got wet. ok, wonderful camp. i just hate it. but, getting the first place makes me happy. our group named rattata overwhelmed by awesomeness. the theme for this camp is pokemeon. thats y our group named rattata. the saddest part was during the night walk. the clues for the race was given based on this pokemon thing. none from our group really watch pokemon. and my leader said "after this have to buy that all pokemon dvd and watch it la" seriously, i hate pokemon from the bottom of my heart. i know nothing bout this cartoon. one thing that i wont forget is the part during 'pokemon action'. we have to do a theater and our group got paranormal activity. i have to act as a babysitter that ended up being like a bibik. speaking indonesian. so maluuuuuu and i'll never gonna act again for the rest of my life. and yeah, this is my very first camping that require english as part of the communication.

then, the 'missed flight moment'. everything happens for reasons. went to langkawi and langkawi was awesome tooooo. beauty, nature all packed in an isolated land. i wish i have camera to capture the beauty unfortunately no camera at all. i really wish to go there again. seriously, the money worth everything there. the ikan bakar, the penthouse, the chocolate, mangrove trip. i just love it. sila jeles. im looking forward for the next trip, i mean next destination. how i love travelling so much.

now, im sitting and laying down at home. continue doing my work that will be finished soon. i have 12 days to be used wisely. watching tv all day long. sleeping and sleeping. i love my seafood moment. now, i just wish im able to meet my old best buddy. i miss  my novels. and i cant wait for my practical within 1 week more. nervousness

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