Wednesday, February 1, 2012

that first day of the second month

actually, i also didnt realize that today is the first day of February. staying at home makes u forget abt everything except for eat, sleep and tv. talking abt february, i also remember by the time i wanna write february in malay. is it febuari or februari. i bet u guys have this problem too kan espclly time tulis karangan format laporan or formal, informal letter. i tot it will happen only during primaru school but then it last until now bro. silly me.

actlly, that is not what im going to write abt. its abt a small and simple gathering we had today. a very ohsem one. by a simple plan, we met. six of us. primary school buddies. after like a yr for 5 of us and 8 yrs for me and the other one. its full laughter and memories. chatting and reminiscing the old days. a day is not enough, like seriously not enough. i just wish we had all day to talk and talk abt everything. its just good to meet ur old friends, talking bout the latest updates, laugh on the past. we play bowling, watching mysterious island and having pizza. its seriously amazing moment la seeing ur dudes grown up alrdy, but still with the crazy attitude la. i just wish we can meet up again with more and more hilarious moment. i just love u guys. *ohsemness*

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