Thursday, January 19, 2012

heartbeat moment

"almost missed my flight"

a status updated on fb by one of my friend. a day before im planning to go home. i was like, "ouh thats not gonna happen to me forsho". if i am in her/his place, i'll absolutely crying out loud. but then, it did happened to me today. on the 19th of january. just, thanked god, im flying with MAS, there is no such thing as 'ticket burn'. just have to pay extra la... but still, it was not that much. it happens because of full seat. during festive season, every ticket holders must reach 40 minutes before departure. if not, the seat will be given to the stand by ppl. in my case, i reached there like 30 to 20 minutes before departure, so that is why i missed my flight. im going back in 3 more days. i didnt mind actlly because i still can go back and plus, im going to langkawi with sisters. hehehehe.

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