Saturday, January 14, 2012

freedom from mind abusing

i feel like jumping around and sing arctic monkeys songs. ok, im infected by this arctic monkeys virus since ive heard their song entitled when the sun goes down. and i quickly googled them and surprisingly it was my roomate most favorite band. i gave her my goldie and ask her tu put any songs inside, and some of em arctic monkeys. im so totally in love with them. but hey, y am i telling u this? actlly, i just wanna tell u guys that i had finished all my exams succesfully. yes successfully. because i did answer them all, but idk if its right or wrong. hehe. finally, my mind is free, i can think of anything not just reading the same book again and again. no more facts no more concepts and no more process. at least i can rest for like 5 weeks after this. haha. but wait, i have practical. cut my holiday.

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