Wednesday, January 11, 2012

almost the end of it

"ok, last paper, weehooo"

"dah habis exam, boleh balik!!'

kitorg last paper dah mlm ni, yeahhh"


some of the annoying sentences i read on twitter and facebook. thanks much ppl. u did it. u've made my life full of jealousy and hatred. hoho. never mind. just go home faster, so i can use the uspot happily.

i have 2 papers left. 2 crucial subjects. both in complicated english words, that makes me google for dictionary for every single words within. one abt management and the other one abt agriculture. i have 4 days to use very wisely in order to score for this 2 subjects. but, i had wasted many hours playing games and watch movies. oh, i am so gonna regret the minute i flip thru the exam papers. yesterday i went to the library, because i really, desperately needed internet access to understand more on this agriculture paper as my test 1 and test 2 results were so bad, i mean it. i feel like hating myself when i saw my marks. so darn low. even biochem scores higher than agriculture altho ive been complaining too much on how hard to score for biochem. bt yeah, the reality is, this agri course dont have any carry marks that can help. my final, last chance is just to score for exam. even if i got highest mark for this exam, i cant get an A. now, u can imagine how low my marks kan. huhuhu. ok, actlly i want to tell u what happened at the library ystrday. i came early. there's no many ppl yet. but its getting crowded as the time passes. bnyk sgt mcm pasar. so noisy. damn. i just wanna curse those yg bising. so darn annoying. those yg couple tu pn, klu mau bt bising. sila pegi luar. those yg pkai kasut berbunyi sila bukak kasut. those yg psg earphone, sila sedar yg klu kau berckp, suara kau akn kuat. sbb kau tgh half pekak, jd kau rasa suara kau perlahan. those yg bt discussion, btlah di bilik discussion. those yg mau callling, silalah kluar. ouh, im so angry with these kinds of situations. pls just think of others.

recently, ive been spending so much time laughing and talking with my roomates. we're getting close day by day. so may stories and experiences i share with them. ive also learned how to cook simple stuff with them. even to cook canned sardin has it own secret recipes. yes, im so happy, that i can cook simple stuffs. hehe. and im very expert in frying pappadom. our favourite. cant live without it. haha. they said that i can invent smthg like "mak nab pappadom". ok, so funny. its almost at then end of the sem, and i just love being part of them. being here, in this college, makes me more crazier. seriously.

p/s: ive been wondering of. vampires bitten by bat. werewolves by wolf. spiderman by spider. then, cicakman evolved after eating cicak. all related to animals. how about animal eating human, and transform into human. have u ever think of that? haha

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