Monday, October 24, 2011

trip to malacca

its the 3rd time ive been to malacca, and this time more exciting because ive got chances to visit so many places and of course taking photos everywhere. its mainly about fieldwork trip to do research more on baba nyonya food. but halfway after, its all about vacation trip. im not going there to shop although i intend to do so, but i did it, i do get rid all of those shopaholic feelings inside me. thanks napi for being a loyal n patient photographer, suha being a good driver and idah the sandwiches maker for breakfast. but most of all, thanks for being so patient hearing all my craps all the way from upm to melaka and vice versa. we didnt sleep along the journey, because we kept on talking and laughing. i do have fun guys. one day was not enough tho.

breakfast at RnR. I dont know where it is.

just arrived at baba n nyonya heritage museum. it was beautifully build. seriously. and ive got pins on my butt before i stepped down from the car, which made me caught on trauma for awhile. 

im at jonker walk! so many cool things to buy yet got little money inside the pockets. hahaha

menara taming sari. just showing off. never get the chance to b up there. 

a famosa. haunted fort i called. haha. but amazing structure for sure.

another museum. antique stuff. cost a lot. 

part of train.

four of us. happy teens.

make a stop at what beach i also dont know. calm and windy. great one!

here goes the cowboy. one of the tourist guide at baba n nyonya museum told us that he looked like the eurasian guy instead of malay or neither chinese. 

yes, he's the one who killed your dad gallus domesticus. 

thinking of interviewing the owner. but, dont have the chance to.

the last stop. this is the first time lining up so long waiting for just one drink. but, i tell u guys, its extremely superb!!! coconut with ice cream vanilla blend well. we're waiting for half an hour for it.

can i go to malacca again? hehehe

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