Friday, October 21, 2011

so called buddy

guys, what are friends without trust and what are friends without love. seriously, friends without all of the values are like houses without bricks. frankly, im very choosy in finding the perfect friend. because i do believe friend is the one that gonna bring me into the right path. understands who i am, amuse me when im down and remind me when i forgotten something. mingling around with all of these friends i have now is more than enough. but, to tick all those characteristics that i want is way more harder. its been more than a month, to enjoy my life like i used to when im still an asasi student, was difficult. im tired of forcing myself to adapt with the environment. i wanna let all the things go with the flow instead of applying a force on it. im tired of controlling myself, i wanna let it go naturally instead of faking every steps i make. two roads diverged, and i should take the less traveled one for sure.

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