Wednesday, October 19, 2011

newscaster competition @ 17

first and foremost, thanks a lot to aini, for making us join this competition. it was a great competition because majority the aspers joined it. one of the judge also ex-asper. at first i was like, "ok, im in because i want the merit, thats all" but then, after we've qualified for final round, i was like "ok, im gonna make it to the top". thanks nisa for being my great partner. hehehe

so, these are the aspers. plus, cham

this is me and nisa.

after all, we've got 2nd place. thats good enough. we didnt expect it. 
its a priceless experience for an amateur newscaster

p/s: "u're good. we really understand what u're saying, good" ^^,

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