Friday, October 14, 2011

isolated loner

no one knows how it feels to be like me. full of conflicts and problems. yeah, i keep on talking, and laughing but inside im dying. seriously. can someone hear me talking? i feel like a real pathetic loner here. i didnt fit myself with current condition. 2 papers done for test 1. 4 papers left. dem.... im gonna kill myself tonite. its so sad u know. direct questions but i still cant answer them properly. regret? ABSOLUTELY! feels like eating grass rite now. its been 6 weeks im here, i feel like getting out from here. pls, just for one more day. homesick? i have no time for it. because im packed with the schedule. i have time to sleep, eat and study only. thank god im free from books tonite. just thank god for that. altho i knew that i still have 4 papers left, but chill for a while tonite. i wanna let go of this pain. just wanna let it go.. i cant stand it anymore. can someone talk to me? im getting tired of telling my problem to myself. i have friends, i mean lots of best friends here. they're nice and kind but i still cant find the 'one'. can someone help me?

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