Tuesday, October 25, 2011

notes and coins

"eh, jom kluar esok, jom r, aku nak bg habis duit aku"

hurmm.. i wonder how much money she have. seriously, just gimme the money because i have lotsa things to buy as a students. books, stethoscope, coverall and the list goes on and on. do u know how stingy i am right now, just because thinking of what i'll be dealing in the future? i dont wanna call my parents to send me money, ive used a lot alrdy. i know they will give me, but, yeah that guilty feeling u have, as if u ever felt it, if not, u wont understand. and its been more than a month i didnt go shopping. [except for food la, yes, ive bought a lot of foods] hehehe.. yeah, saving for my future, i know i'll be using lot more after this. let's say yes for SAVINGS! hehe :D

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