Friday, October 28, 2011

life's do change. sometimes

during lab, i still play with the glove. my friends blow it, and i play with it, then, take photo. i'd never take lab session seriously.

yawn yawn and keep on yawning during lectures. i still have that sleeping habit on me, and as for that i always have "something to eat during lectures" food.

now, i've always fell asleep on the couch rather than my own bed. yeah, the couch where the cats also sleep on. 

got many books to read. as tall as the klcc. 

the same routine again and again

nope, im giving it to the washing machine. im not a good washer at all. rm 2.50 per week. im not gonna banish it away just for the so-called 'ops-budget'. and will never be

yes. living here is like living at ur real home. its hard for me to get up. its nice and cozy here. sleeps early, get up late. cmon nabila, get a real life, ur a future vet. time is moneeehhh

and this never change. dear ppl, families and friends, mind ur own business. put an end to all those negative thoughts inside u. i hate it. really really hate it
im sick of listening to the same kind of thing again n again. do understand me.

and this life i have with them, never change. but getting stronger day by day.

and also this. pray to Allah constantly. never less but more. what else did u have? money? it'll never have with u for the rest of ur life. yes, only prayers that gonna make u have a life. whether change or not, it happens for a reason. 

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