Sunday, October 30, 2011

academic skills for helper

spending my sunday with something meaningful is way too beneficial. so, today, my sunday had been the best sunday ever. yes, attending one of motivational talk. osman affan smart study. google it guys if u dont know. i can say, this is the best one ever. laughing the whole day at the same time, uve got many interesting knowledge. actually it was for the student council and members of some counselling club and bla bla bla.. to help other students in of 60 students of upm, gathered at k6. ok, so, here's the main point. ive got to learned so many study skills, ways to memorize numbers like the genius adiputra, and management of time. seriously, osman affan and team full of awesomeness.cant say more, his talk was awesome and great. fullstop. looking forward to meet them the nice and brilliant ppl again. heee

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