Monday, October 31, 2011

lame monday

ok its not a good day to start with after having uncomfortable sleep at nite. woke up late and rushed to bhep to send the jpa thingie so that i can have a goodnite sleep after. ive been in and out from bhep for 3 times. went here and there. with no breakfast in the morning. we rushed back in the afternoon as we have to gather back at the faculty for some briefing for that faculty opening. we have to escape that morning briefing as we still have lots to settle for jpa. ok, so no breakfast then, no lunch. they said 12 but it was an hour late. ok, my blood pressure is going up now. and they told us what we have to do. so, we have to act. weird huh? no its just like doing some fake action at the library and comp lab. so, when the minister come and visit, he will see some robot around, which is us. so, what we'll be doing for tomorrow's faculty opening is pretend like looking for books, reading or having some discussion. when the minister come, he will like smiling, looking us very hardworking vet student, bla bla bla. epic sgt. ok, but my blood rose again when the briefing was just 5 minutes. and helooooo? i was rushing back to the faculty for that simple and not a must attend briefing. so ok, im cool im cool....

my results for test 1 is out. but i didnt check on them yet. this evening, the VPK lecturer, gave us back our paper. ive got 57 out of 60 marks. which was not cool at all. because the question was very easy, i should get full marks. ok, sounds like im being ungrateful one rite? but hey, its about satisfaction also. the will to do the best.

i went back to my room with full of despair. ive got a very bad monday blues. im so tension rite now. but, something taught me today to be a fighter, a soldier. so i went back and start all over again. the right thing to do, and the wrong thing to throw away. suddenly, ive got a call saying ive won 2 tickets to watch in time movie at cineleisure damansara. perfect time to be happy. thanks a lot fly fm. didnt expect this. its my second winning. actually, i hope to win the contest to get album for free. well, still hoping for it. its a happy thing, unfortunately, i just dont know how to get there.

tears of joy running down from my eyes today as i met them. baby and pika. i missed them so much.

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