Monday, October 3, 2011


me and 7 other housemates are in full of crisis right now. clueless mind. we're all thinking of the same thing. WHY THERE IS INCONSISTENT IN WATER FLOWS? seriously, why??!! there's no concrete reason for it. its the second day and what the hell was is going on. do we have to shout again and again if there's a water. do we have to check for every minutes if there's a water running from the tap. seriously, it's freaking me out. we have tonnes of things need to be tick on our checklist. it doesn't make us feel any good since yesterday. can i just keep complaining about all these things. today, is a very 'heat-stress' day for me as i was really mad of the bad management shown by an unproductive staff. ouh, i hope for a good day tomorrow. pls let me feel so. as we're lacking of water here, it gets us in a really bad and dangerous condition right now. grrr =.= water pls come out like u used to. dont be shy...

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