Friday, October 7, 2011

after a month

currently, playing with cats named frankie and kimmy. haha. its not mine. there are many cats in this college. and they keep on staring at my guppy fish. im also waiting for my burger. listening to jonas brothers-when u look me in the eyes. being jealousy towards my friends, they've went to the biggest book sale in the world. it was held for a week, but ive got test next week so i must get there like right now right now. huhu. famous english novel for RM8. HEAVEN! go and google for big bad wolf books now! it was just less than 5 minutes from my college, here in UPM. my friends bought more than 5 books there, there some of them even bought like more than 20. gosh, im craving for books rite now.

i just wanna summarize what ive been through these one HELL month in UPM. no water, suffers me a lot. i mean A LOT. i have to go to the faculty to have my shower. i just have to use a pail of water per day, i have no water to drink, the so called air-gedegang cant be use. the cafe closed. i have a bundle of clothes unwashed. what more can i say. so, save water starting from now! a drop of water is like a gold u know.

then, i have to face the tense around me. the lectures and even the lecturers, annoying course mate around me, the assignments...hectic life i got tired of being not me, i mean, i didnt found a REAL friends yet, i mean the one that can really goes into me, i can share my stories with...its been a month, and frankly speaking im not comfortable yet.

but besides that HELL month, i feel like in HEAVEN too when it comes to something that i really like to do, something that can bring into satisfaction. so, thanks a lot life for giving me opportunity to feel so. im blessed with kind housemates and friends here. they are my other family.

in short, i just have to do what my heart says when the mind say yes.

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