Sunday, October 2, 2011

dogathon 2011

so, do u guys know about dogathon 2011?

 yes, this is it!

its the largest dogs gathering event in malaysia. so, basically, vets students of UPM play the main role for this event. the theme for this year is about alice in wonderland. im a volunteer for alice's playground. games for human. im in charge for darts the queen. so, i was like "come and play the darts", "i coupon for 3 darts", "aim for the face"... stuffs like that....

so, here's what we're doing a day before this big event.... feeling useless, got nothing to do, snap snap!

napi and azhar.. so epic..

with faridah and azim

so, i was panting like the dog for these 2 days.. so tiring but it was great to b part of it.. learning so many things, i mean it, a lottt.. got freebies for sure.. hehehe.. about 900 dogs gathered, different type of species, they were so cute, for the whole day, i mention that 'cute 'word' for many times. as a muslim, some of them felt a bit awkward looking us touching and restraint the dogs without fear and hesitation but, we're learning and experiencing actually. after that, just go and cleanse urself by what has been stated based on our laws. islam is easy guys. it was great also knowing some of seniors. they're perfectly friendly and cool! i dont have any pictures of me during today's dogathon because im in everyone's camera.. hehehe.. just hoping they dont delete them :P


  1. best! haha xdapat freebies tu ke? booth tu bagi makanan anjing je... bagikan kat kawan2 chinese :)

    just goody bag ngan pet magazine je yang tinggal..hehe :)

  2. dpt petster magazine ja. hehe