Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LECOS nite

lecos nite is basically a buddy system or also known as mentor-mentee program for DVM 1 and DVM 2 students. so 4 juniors will get 3 seniors. before knowing who's our buddy group is, we're divided into 10 groups and our task is to perform anything for LECOS nite. LECOS stands for learning companionship system if im not mistaken. the members are among the malays, indians and internationals students because the chinese got their own buddy group. dont ask me further about this. u'll never understand it. so, im in group 3, and we're acting. but im not the actress or extra...

im only the 'concluder'. the one that conclude what we've performed. actlly its about a career as a vet that have been underestimated by others. and also what we'll learn as a vet-to-b. i know it sounds bored but, hey, it makes ppl realize who we are. ive been talking about ppl talk behind us as we touch the pigs and dogs, they said that we're stupid. i know, as a muslim these 2 are called 'binatang haram'. but, its haram when it comes to consuming them, not when touching them. they were animals too. god's creation, we think that they should been treated equally like other animals. they need to survive also... and i also talked about who wants to provide the ppl with livestock production espclly when it comes to festive season like raya... if ur goats, cows and chickens got sick, who else wanna treat them other than vet. 'x kn mau mkn ikan rendang?'

so, here's my buddy group. from left, kak wawa, fawa, nisa, idah, me and abg rasul. there's another 1, but she wasnt there. my seniors were so nice and cool...before that, we've been given a clue to find out our own buddy and luckily its easy to find both.

so, my next task is to give my full commitment to dogathon 2011. a largest dog event in malaysia. organized by our very own veternak-zoologico club of UPM. this is another step for me to get rid off the fear towards dogs. hey, im doing this not for fun. its part of experience and learning.

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