Friday, September 16, 2011


its good to have a public holiday. so i can have 3 days of holiday. altho i have faculty orientation on sunday. so here i am. being a nomad. not just a place to sleep but also place to study. during the first week, we have to move here and there to find suitable place to fit in 110 vets-to-be. and then during this weekend im moving to 14, 13, 17 to find a place to sleep. just to enjoy the free times i have with my friends. hehe.. on thursday, i have to pack all my things back and move them from 14 to 17 [i mean the college]. going up and down from the ground floor to the fifth floor. it was so dem tiring. and resulting in a bad fever, cough and flu. tiring week. but yet, all the registration stuffs have not completed yet. i cant focus on my study rite now. i hope i can have a better 2nd week. not just 2nd week, but the next next week also. and i hope, this fever will recover asap. its nice to meet the new students and seniors from asper. and looks like i have to improve more and more on my english. i mean it.

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