Tuesday, September 13, 2011

instant update

alhamdulillah, here i am back in upm. being a brand new vet student. i dont know but, i feel so afraid being part of vet faculty. im moving to a brand new environment. no more honeymoon and lots of effort needed. the competition getting tougher. i have 2 sem to try my best, if i cant do it, i'll be moving to another course. i hope its not gonna happen. i hope this new life giving me new hopes. do wish me luck guys! orientation week was so sucks and cant tell u more because im running out of time now. do catch u guys later. toodles~


  1. way to go nab! gluck in your journey! :D

  2. VET? what a great news! :)
    btw..good luck then!

  3. thanks ikhwan :)

    thanks izudean :)