Tuesday, September 6, 2011

end of holidays

muka skema tyme orientasi last yr

farewell sandakan. farewell dearest family. i have to go again, but this time a lil bit different. as a brand new degree students of UPM. yeah, i'll be growing up there for 4 to 5 yrs more. sadly, i have to go heartlessly because i still dont know what course im gonna be in. i will know on the registration day which is on 8th of sept. mknanya, pegi sna dgn penuh kenervousan dan bukan keexcitedan. ok, kerosakan bahasa di situ. and today baru we found out what documents should we bring. but thats not only, its still a piece of it. lot more have to be setttle mcm, MC, yuran and all that. semuanya kena settle starting on this thursday. sgt kesian bdak lepasan asasi lpasan UPM kali ni. kena rushing berabis. im pointing to no one ok. tp yalah kan, kesian yg dtg solo2 pegi mndftr. best example, AKU! urghh.. aku x larat mau merungut. all my batch pun tgh serabut pkir bnda ni. kerja aku merungut ja.. aku x mau merungut lagi.. sbb aku tau, there will always be rainbows come after a heavy storm. ok, simply made my own words. haha. esok off to kl once again and sleeover at suha's. very kind of her. nasib ada dia, klu ndak merempat aku d kl sturg. by thursday baru official jd student UPM balik. dan aku sdh ada #opsEscape utk mnggu orientasi. [sepa suruh bgtau suma bnda last minute] :P

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