Sunday, September 18, 2011

fac orientation

ouh, UPM TIADA AIR! how sad it is.. have to stay illegally to another college to get water to bath. we have to wait until tomorrow. urghhhh.. btw, im not gonna babble about it.. i have another interesting story to tell..

for todays fac orientation, i have a very good day ever! i am proudly say that i have touched the fish, frog, worm and horse with full of excitement and curiosity instead of fear. i have learned about breeds of animals and lots more. i think vet is getting more interesting. i just love everything! cant tell u more, im sick of thinking about water and i have class from 9am to 10pm tomorrow. hurmm.. week 1 fever and week 2 water. how challenging my life as the time running...and now, all my asperian friends gathered here at kolej 13 because only k13 got water. its a reunion bebeh! hahahaha

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